Kittens sold at Celtic Folds Scottish Fold Cattery in TX.

Scottish Fold kittens sold at Celtic Folds Cattery in Louisiana

All the kittens/cats on this page have been SOLD.
Please read the testimonials from the happy new owners on the Testimonial page. Thanks to all our customers!
Congratulations Betty, Linda, Megan and Sydney! Oscar/Indigo litter born 4/12/17
Congratulations Katy, Dallas, Betty, John and Dara! Oscar/Sable litter born 4/08/17
Congratulations Mary Ann, Crystal, Nichole, Maruf, Tonya and Will! Oscar/Alana litter born 4/08/17

Congratulations Colleen, Ozan, Mandi, Sophie and Lamar! Oscar/Alana litter born 12/14/16.

Congratulations Nicole, Christi, Rose, Andy and Karen! Oscar/Sable litter born 10/18/16.
Congratulations Emmanuel, Laura, Eric and Cheryl! Oscar/Indigo litter born 8/16/16.

Congratulations to Deanna, Panin, Jessica, Grace and Jo Ann. Oscar/Alana litter born on 7/10/16.
Congratulations to Laura S, Arielle G, Richard W, Frank J. Oscar/Indigo SF litter born 3/01/16

Congratulations Annette, Chad, Sunny, Chad and Erica. Oscar/Indigo litter born on 8/06/15.  

Congratulations Casey, Emma, Mandi, Jackie and Amanda. Oscar/Alana litter born on 8/20/15.

Congratulations Ashley! Oscar/Dixie litter born on 9/22/15. 

Congratulations Jennifer! Mackensie was my first breeding female and is now retired to a loving home.

Congratulations to Elizabeth! Tiffany is a breeding female that's been retired and now has a loving home.

Congratulations to Deanna! Cromwell was my first stud and is now retired to a loving home.

Congratulations Janet, Kirsha, Dallas and Bunnie. Cromwell/Indigo litter born on 1/25/15.

Congratulations Tracey and Tiffany. Cromwell/Mackensie litter born on 1/12/15.
Scottish Fold Kitten litter -sold
Congratulations Cheryl, Meredith, Gina, Pamela, Olivia, Yian, and Susie !  Cromwell/Dixie SF litter born on 10/20/14
Cromwell Indigo litter born 8/18/14
Congratulations Jeannie, Clarence, Holly and Michelle! Cromwell/Indigo litter born 8/18/14. 

Congratulations Elizabeth, Tena, Melanie, Amanda, Hieu and Mary! Cromwell/Alana litter born 8/24/14. 

Congratulations to Elizabeth, Donovan, Altus and Carey! Cromwell/Mackensie litter born 7/30/14

Congratulations to Joshua, Lisa, Erin and Carey. Cromwell/Dixie litter born 5/25/14

Congratulations to Chris, Carole, Melanie and Cheryl! Cromwell/Alana litter born on 5/08/14.  

Congratulations Cheryl, Alanna and Dannette. Cromwell/Tiffany litter born 4/14/14.

Congratulations Merisha, Lauren, Rene and Karen. Cromwell/Mackensie litter born 3/02/14.

Congratulations Janelle, Tommy, Meca, Deanna, Misty, Marsha and Kerry! Cromwell/ Alana born 9/09/13.

Congratulations Michelle, Greta, Carley and Heather! Cromwell/Mackensie litter born 8/01/13.

Congratulations to Sally, Jason and Troy! Cromwell/Tiffany litter born on 6/08/13 

Congratulations to Dana! Cromwell/Hermione litter born on 5/17/13 
Congratulations to Kerry, Robin and Carly! Cromwell/Alana litter born on 5/09/13

Congratulations to Amy, Jason, Karren and Matt! Cromwell/Mac litter born on 3/13/13.

Thank you Cora, Marlina and Alicia! Cromwell/Mac litter born on 9/28/12.

Thank you Laurie/Celia, Val, Stephanie, Carol and Sharon! Cromwell/Gabby litter born on 7/20/12.

Thank you Denyse and Pam! Cromwell/Mac litter born on 4/19/12.

Thank you Ty! 

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