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 Testimonials for Monetter Freeman at Celtic Folds Cattery in Louisiana  

"Celtic Folds Cattery has been in operation for several years now selling Scottish Folds and British Shorthair kittens. We want our future customers to feel comfortable purchasing a kitten from us. Below are the testimonials from our customers. I believe producing healthy, loving kittens AND giving personal service to the new owners is our #1 priority. I'm very proud of the service we provide and enjoy the interaction with our customers. We are here to answer your questions and thank you for your patronage." - Monette Freeman
Note: This is the most revered letter of all my Testimonials and deserves a place of honor at the top of my page. God Bless our Troops and their families and beloved animals.

"Hello Monette, I am Jared. My wife Marlina, and I purchased Sebastian from you back in 2012. I am writing you to say, "Thank you". I've suffered with mild PTSD since 2009 from my deployment to Afghanistan. Since we received Sebastian he has always known when I'm feeling not my self. Sebastian was never one to let you pick him up, or jump in your lap for cuddles, but when my symptoms would flare he was always jumping to my side. On occasion he would push our other cats away, and keep watch on me. He has been such an amazing little guy for me, he knows just how to calm his Daddy, and watch my back. I thank you so very much for giving my wife, and I the opportunity to own one of your cats. He has made me a much happier person. He can be mischievous, and loving. You gave us the perfect cat for our home. Sebastian is set to become a photo model for some local Tactical Supply stores. Everyone who meets him says, "He is absolutely handsome", even my friends who aren't cat people love my Sebastian. Thank you once again."...Jared P 
"When I decided I was going to purchase a kitten, I did a TON of research on the net. I look at all sorts of different ads and websites. The personal feel of Monette's site kept pulling me back. There was something so personal and loving about it. I was repeatedly drawn to the pictures, videos and comments that showed that she wasn't just breeding kittens for cash, she was breeding healthy and loving new members of families. Most of the other sites were sterile and made you feel like you were looking at kitten farms. Monette's site made me feel like I was in someone's home, choosing one of her precious babies. It turned out that I made the PERFECT choice. What is stated in her site is absolutely true! Monette adds such a personal, loving touch to her kittens that I don't think you would get with other breeders. The weekly pictures and videos are a great example of the extra mile she goes to ensure you are a part of the entire process. Her concern and care for both you and your new addition really is over the top. As I sit here typing this with my new baby snuggling next to me, I think, would I do this again? Before the thought is even finished, the answer of a resounding YES echoes in my head! Thanks again for being so amazing Monette, and thank you times a million for my precious baby girl!!"...Lisa W
"I am madly in love with my Mickey!!  I just got him from Monette at Celtic Folds Cattery!  She is the best person in the world to deal with.  Monette kept in touch with me with weekly photos of my guy!  I started to name him Angus because he was Scottish, but the more of the photos I saw that name just didn't fit! Then I just thought he looks like a Micke...he is so cute and perky!  Monette does a fabulous job of socializing her kittens. He seemed to know his name and respond to it from the time he arrived.   When Mickey arrived in Atlanta on Delta he was relaxed and clean and smelled wonderful.  So clean and healthy.  When I got home with him I followed Monette's suggestions to a tee and he has adapted so quickly.  I adore watching him play, oh that face!  Those eyes!!  Because I named him Mickey that old song keeps coming to my mind and so I sing it to him all the time.  You know the one. "Mickey, Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey!"  He seems to love it and he comes running when I come in singing that song.  He isn't too quick to jump in your lap, but the past two nights (and I've only had him since last Saturday and this is Friday) he has slept next to me, cuddled up by side.  I love it!!  I love Him!!!  Thank you so much Monette for caring so much for your kittens and your customers.  I couldn't be happier with my Mickey and I would recommend your Cattery in a heartbeat to anyone who wants a great kitten, a great breed, and a honest and kind Breeder!"...Laura S

I know how important online reviews and testimonials are to me, so I want to do my part for others. After having done extensive research online for Scottish Fold cat breeders, all roads led me to the Celtic Folds Cattery!  What initially got my attention was Monette's website!  So informative, well organized and contained photos of her breeding dams, sires, and kittens sold over the past several years! If you've done your "due diligence," then Celtic Folds Cattery is where you want to purchase your kitten!  Celtic Folds is a small but expertly run breeding Cattery.  Because it is small, it allows Monette to socialize and train her kittens before they go to their "Forever Homes!"  My kitten was litter box trained, comfortable with a cat tree and very well adapted to her grain-free diet! Monette leaves no question unanswered, and is so professional with her selection process, contract and kitten care information!  In fact, I was somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of information Monette provided!  But, since this was my first Scottish Fold kitten, it made me feel secure and confident to have this knowledge. The only problem you will ever experience with Celtic Folds Cattery is choosing your kitten!  All of Monette's kittens are of exceptional quality breeding!  Trying to choose one kitten when they are all so exquisite, is the most difficult thing I had to do!
Thank you, Monette, for my kitten and making this truly a wonderful experience!"...Sincerely, Mary Ann Rogal

"We lost our beloved cat of 16 years back in August and made the decision to seek the companionship of another cat right away. I found Monette and Celtic Folds Cattery online and got on the waiting list. We knew that we loved the British Shorthair/Scottish Folds and couldn’t wait for one to join our family. From the second we received communication that we had the opportunity to adopt a kitten, our experience was top notch. Monette was always very responsive and provided in depth wisdom on this breed whenever asked. Having a young family, we absolutely loved Wednesdays…picture/video day. Every Wednesday, we received pictures or even video of our growing kitten. We couldn’t wait for those updates and so appreciated them. We could not be happier with the service we received from Monette and the quality of our little kitten. She is such a little love. She is a happy, healthy little kitty and we couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend Celtic Folds Cattery."...Erica A 
"This is the third kitten I've gotten from Monette and this male folded fold is the sweetest one yet!! When he first arrived he was a little scared and hid a bit the first day. But once we coaxed him out with a toy and some soft talk he was so sweet and loving. He rubs his face on mine, sleeps by me and gives kisses! I can't say enough for Monette and her immediate responses to my emails with questions answered and advice given. She is a gem!! Thanks so much Monette for another great kitty:)."...Cheryl S

 "I came across Celtic Folds while trying to find different Scottish Fold breeders and was immediately drawn in by Monette's beautiful kitties. Most importantly, I saw that she was a very responsible breeder that raised healthy and social kittens, so I immediately asked to be put on her waiting list.

It wasn't long before I was contacted about a litter of kittens. They were all so adorable but I fell in love with a little blue and white boy that I named Caper. Throughout the whole process, Monette was always quick to answer emails and questions, and even sent weekly updates and pictures of Caper.

When I was finally able to bring Caper home, I was ecstatic! He has been nothing but a bundle of joy! He's a mischievous little kitty with a quirky personality and loves to eat. Scottish Fold isn't known to be very vocal and doesn't particularly like being picked up but he's very talkative, especially at dinner time, and will make an exception for me to hold him. He's also extremely playful and sweet and is a snuggler that sleeps right up against me. My resident cat hissed and ignored him at first but not once did he hiss back. In fact, he kept following her around and rubbing up against her to show the love. Needless to say, she warmed up to him in a few days."...Sidney Y

"Monette, I just love Patches and Phoebe....They were healthy, well-socialized and litter box trained. And needless to say the sweetest loving and playful kittens ever....I was pleased to see the Celtic Fold Cattery was very clean and a sanitary environment and the kittens were being raised underfoot in a home-like setting, instead of a cage. Monette answers concerns and questions promptly and sends you home with lots of printed information to ensure your Celtic Fold kitten experience is a great and successful experience. Thank you  Monette, for my precious Phoebe and Patches."...Betty H
"To describe my experience with getting our kitten, Crowley, from Monette isn't easy to put into words! I went through many wait lists and breeders who I felt did not have the time for me or my questions, but when I finally found Monette, I couldn't have had a better experience. We were going for a more local breeder (as we are in LA, too), and her location was perfect for us. A wait time of "3 months to a year" is nothing whenever you are finally holding your precious kitten who, frankly, couldn't be of better temperament and quality. Like a few other people, we had the opportunity to actually pick our Crowley up from Monette's own home, where we were greeted graciously and made to feel so welcome. Through the whole process, Monette was there for me and my boyfriend, to address our concerns and always being patient and thorough in her responses. I couldn't say enough positive things about this experience or our new kitten. If you are looking for quality over quantity and for someone who really knows and cares for her cats and kittens, Monette is for you. Her weekly videos and pictures will keep you present in your kittens life until you are finally able to meet him or her in person. It really helps to calm the nerves and anxiety over purchasing and picking a kitten online. It was truly a rewarding and pleasant process to purchase from Monette! If we ever look for another addition, we will definitely look to Monette again. Even now, after coming home with Crowley, Monette is right there, either a text or email away, to address all my new kitten worries. Thank you SO much to Monette & Celtic Folds!! We are so blessed to have gotten Crowley and been a part of a select few to meet Monette in person and get to give her a giant thank you hug!"...Alanna C
"We had contacted a few different Catteries and were on the infamous wait lists- waiting over a year- when finally we got the call! Monette was so pleasant to discuss how we would get Oliver and the process was so easy. Before Oliver was sent to us, we received weekly updates on our little kitty-to-be. That kept us really excited! When I say this kitten is the most cuddly, well behaved, sweetest and funniest kitten I have ever seen, it is the truth! He has turned "dog lovers" into mush and caused my friends and family who are "allergic" to get over it and fall in love with him. He brings a smile to our faces everyday and is always up for more cuddles. Our family saying is, "Everyone needs an Oliver!" We are so glad we got our kitten, Oliver, from Celtic Folds Cattery!"...Ashley D 
"Monette - you are such a wonderful and sweet lady I am so glad I had the opportunity to conduct business with you and the outcome was totally more than I expected, breathtaking to say the least. Berlioz, my little fur-ball prince is everything I expected and imagined. My conquest to find a cat, not just any cat but a Scottish fold (first time owner)(of course totally cute and unique) started off a breeders website that listed Cattery's and breeders and I visited a couple websites along with Monette's webpage and I felt more drawn to Monette's website. I found myself literally constantly on her website and finally after three days I then decided to email her. Her response- definitely rapid and totally professional and I knew right then and there this is the Cattery for me. Kept in touch with her and sure enough the day came where she sent pictures of my little man and asked if I was interested and of course I said YESSSSS I was so ecstatic! Pictures and videos every week made me so anxious for his arrival and it was always nice communicating with Monette. For those with the curiosity of the business it's totally legit. It's runs threw everyone mind (scams) but rest assured she is the best best breeder to interact with and do business with. The weeks went by and finally it was his arrival day. I was so excited and words couldn't even express how I felt when I picked him up from the airport cargo facility. I had indeed the biggest smile ever! We kept in touch and she is still the amazing lady I met when I first contacted her interested in her Cattery. She definitely takes pride in her Cattery and her kittens and cats are definitely worth the wait as it means so much to me how she cares about them even after she ships them/ or new owners pick them up. You definitely feel the love and the bond with her. Monette- I definitely cannot wait to do business with you again and next time meet you and your wonderful cats in person! You are amazing and made this process so stress free and so exciting! I cannot thank you enough for this blessing. Thank you so much for everything."...Jacob, Dallas C.
"What can I say about Monette and her kittens that has not already been said? Her kittens are perfection ! Working with Monette is very easy, and you can tell that she loves what she does and the kittens best interests are always put first. She makes the process very easy and makes sure you are all set up to provide the best home possible to her kittens. Having had friends who worked with her in the past, I can tell you that your experience with her will be great and you will get a beautiful and loving kitten. Thank you so much, Monette, for everything you did!"...Eric B

"We found Monette via the internet in our search for a Scottish Fold, her website looked and sounded like she was raising the type of cat we were looking for (home-raised and healthy being the priorities).  As we are local, we were able to visit her home before picking up our kitten. Monette’s home is just that, a home. Not a cat farm, no cages, no intense odor… just a nice home filled with calm, gentle cats.  We were able to meet Sable and Indigo (the mother of our kitten) along with the others and immediately felt like we had made a good decision. We were not allowed to touch the cats, due to potential for spreading disease, which made sense but was difficult as all her cats are *so* sweet. After picking up our little Baloo two weeks ago, we know we made the right choice.  He has proven to be healthy, wickedly smart, sweet and confident.  He and our existing male cat are becoming friends and playmates. I have nothing but good things to say about Celtic Folds Cattery."...Richard W
"I found Monette and Celtic Folds online after doing some research. I was convinced I wanted a Scottish Fold of my own, so I got on Monette’s waiting list. About 6 months later, it was my turn. I had three kittens to choose from and went with my first instinct: an adorable, blue, Scottish Fold with straight ears. I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Monette was very professional and reassuring throughout the process and, best of all sent updates on the kitten every Friday and adorable pictures. My kitten, Koko, came home on October 29 and has been such a blessing. She is healthy, happy, bright, playful, and incredibly affectionate. She wants to be wherever I am and always hops up into bed with me at night. She is also extremely beautiful and cute, with her soft blue fur and big, round, orange eyes. All of my friends and neighbors who have met her are absolutely in love with her, as am I. I feel so lucky to have such a great cat companion in my life. Thanks, Monette, for my wonderful Koko!"...Laura A

"We got a surprise black and white Scottish Fold from "Santa". He is the sweetest kitten, and the kids and I were over the moon. I've been wanting a Scottish Fold kitten for years, and he is perfect. Although Santa technically brought him for the kiddos, he is really mommy's kitty. He is playful and sweet with the kids, and he loves climbing all over his cat tree (as well as everywhere else he can find). We also have a French bulldog, and they have gotten along fine. The kitty pretty much ignores the dog, and the dog follows the kitty around with a kind of confused look. We still keep a close eye. I love that we got detailed care instructions so that we know exactly what to do and when. Though I had no idea Flynn Rider (yes, from Tangled) was coming, my husband said it was very easy working with you, and everything went so smoothly that he would recommend you to anyone wanting a Scottish fold or British shorthair. Thanks so much!"...The Hurseys :)
"Upon deciding to purchase a new pet for myself I knew immediately I wanted a calm, well tempered and litter box trained cat. I also wanted a British Shorthair. Their breed has always fascinated me and I just love their big eyes! I googled British Shorthair breeders and visited many sites. Some I inquired about and never received a response and some I just skipped over because I never felt right about them, something was off. I literally stumbled over the Celtic Cattery when I had just about given up my search. Immediately upon looking over the site I felt "this sounds too good to be true". I had purchased a previous pet on the internet and was told I would be receiving a trained, calm, well-tempered, HEALTHY pet and needless to say that was not the case. I drove 8 hours to TX to pick up this little one and brought her to the vet only to find out she was very sick. To say I was wary of going through the online process again was an understatement. However, Monette immediately answered all my questions and when I asked if I could go see her cattery in person prior to making my purchase she did not hesitate to let me know it would be allowed. She understood my concerns and being that she was in LA and close to where I lived she had no issues with me [coming] by if I wanted to and this gave me a great feeling. It made me feel as though she had nothing to hide. She explained that the kittens are loved and handled and trained. I was looking for a baby girl and she had one left with another person interested in her. I knew in my heart this little one was for me. The moment I saw her I fell in love with her! Monette worked with me in every possible way imaginable to make my dream of bringing home my little girl a reality! She not only cares about her babies but she cares about the people her babies are going to. She would ask about my children because she knew we were having medical issues with them and we would just chat via email. She is ALWAYS there anytime you email! Every week she kept me up to date on my little Princess' progress with videos and pictures! Every week I would fall in love more and more. When it came time to pick up my little Princess I drove to Monette's. She gave easy instructions and I had no issue [bringing] her home. It was pouring down raining when I arrived! Water every where! My husband stayed in our van and I ran to the porch and knocked. Immediately Monette was at the door to let me in. Right when you walk in to the left is a litter box but the funny thing was there was NO odor at all. You would NEVER know she has the amount of cats living there that she does. These cats are a huge part of her family you can tell! They have the foyer and second floor to themselves with cat trees and stairs to laze about on. The male is kept in the dining room and was perched up sleeping on his cat tree. We entered into her living room through her kitchen and she has an area set up where she keeps her babies to play with. She is completely 100% dedicated to the love and well being of her cats and their kittens! Her entire home is spotless! She gave me instructions, food and shot records and then we went back to the foyer with the kennel. She went upstairs and got my baby. She was even MORE adorable in person if that's possible. She gave excellent instructions on introducing our little baby to our family as we have four children. When we got Princess Penni Pyper home she made her way out of her kennel and started exploring. She started playing and the kids just fell in love with her. Today makes three days that we have had her in our home. She is the sweetest little thing ever. She loves to snuggle and purr and play. The laughter she has brought to our home in three short days is just unbelievable. My 10 year old son keeps telling me "Mom I really love this little [kitten]". She has stolen all of our hearts and I know it's because of Monette and the way she raises her cat family. Thank you Monette for everything! There are not enough words for me to express my appreciation for the pet you have entrusted us with! Thanks so much! She slept with me last night! Like a little baby on her back, under the covers, paws out. :)"...Mary W 
"There is no way to truly express how great my experience has been with Monette. I had been looking around a breeders for quite a while but did not feel the warm welcome from any except Monette. I e-mailed her with questions and she e-mailed me right away and answered all of them. When I received the email that I was next on the waiting list she took my call immediately and spoke to me for over an hour. Throughout the weeks I was waiting for my kitten she sent me photos and videos and answered the countless questions I had. She is extremely comforting and makes this process so exciting! When my kitten arrived he smelled great and was ready for love! He is a joy in our home and I loved every minute of the process. I cannot wait to get back on the waiting list again and receive a second kitten!!"...Arielle G
"I am so happy with my kitten "Poppy" and the experience in dealing with Monette. I really wanted a kitten, but hadn't owned one for years. The last had been a Persian, but this time wanted to go with another breed. I excitedly set out on my plan to find a kitten locally. Possibly a rescue kitty or one from the pound nearby. My plans changed quickly when I saw the available kittens. That's not to say there aren't just wonderful ones out there, but what I had envisioned wasn't. I changed to an online search. That's when I discovered Scottish Folds and British Short hairs Breeds. They were just Perfect ! I did extensive research and contacted catteries from all across the United States. There were many colors and varieties, prices and breeders to choose from. It was a little overwhelming until I found Monette. Her kittens were just beautiful and so full of character. Monette also has a wealth of information, is very organized and so easy to keep in contact with with by making herself available and always responding quickly to calls, emails or texts. I felt like she was right next door to me even though we are 2000 miles apart ! Not only were all of my questions and concerns were dealt with, but she in turn had just as many of her own for me ! The right type of home, owner, furnishings, food etc. for her kittens are a must have. Her interviewing me was surprising at first. But I ended up feeling even more secure about my decision to go with Monette in the end because of the great care she takes and the involvement before and after delivery of the kitten to insure the best possible outcome for all involved. The love she has for her kittens shows in every way. They are well bred, socialized, beautiful, affectionate and playful and make wonderful cherished pets ! I sure love mine :)"...Pamala G  
"Our experience with Celtic Folds Cattery has been wonderful! There was plenty of communication before we got our kitten and Monette was happy to answer every question we came up with. When it was time to pick up our kitten, I was able to drive to the house to get her. Monette's house was very clean. There was no "litter box smell" and I saw about 9 cats/kittens when I was there! The cats are very well taken care of. Since we have been home, our kitten adjusted very quickly. She is very sweet and a lot of fun to have around. I have two children and she does well with them. My son has even been able to get her to play "fetch" with him. He throws her stuffed bunny onto the cat tree. She'll get it and bring it back to him. The other day I let the kids eat dinner in the living room so we could have movie night. She went up to his plate and he told her "no, lay down", and she did! She actually listens to him! It's great to watch her with the kids. You can hear her purr from across the room when my husband gets home from work too. Because of our great experience, we are on the waiting list for a second kitten with Celtic Folds Cattery!"...Mandi F 
"I could not be happier with the experience I had with Monette Freeman and Celtic Folds Cattery. My cat Minnie who I had and loved for 15 years had to be put down last year and I was devastated. I was not sure I wanted another animal. After a few weeks I began looking online for a Scottish fold and found Monette’s website. At that time I was just looking to see what was out there, still not sure I wanted another pet. I was immediately drawn to her kittens. Her website is indicative of how she conducts business. She is extremely professional and wants to educate you on the breed prior to your receiving a kitten. But more important she really cares about her cats and her kittens. And she wants to make sure you know what you are getting into with a kitten of this breed. Her love of cats and her professionalism comes through in every conversation. Our very first phone conversation went so well that I had to put my name on the list. When she called to let me know I would get a little black Scottish fold, I was so very excited. I also had tons of questions, my cat Minnie was a stray so I had never worked with a breeder before. She was so kind to answer all of my calls, emails and texts. Over the next few months every Wednesday I would get a picture or video of my little Finley. I found myself checking email first thing on Wednesday mornings to see my next update. Last weekend I went to her house in San Antonio to pick him up. I saw all of her cats and I was struck with how clean everything was. When I walked in her house there was no smell of cat litter or cats at all. Not only was it spotless, but the cats were so healthy looking and extremely well taken care of. They were also extremely beautiful. Finley came so clean and healthy. He is now home and the first day he was very timid and scared, but after the first 24 hours he has started to come when called and it playing with toys. I couldn’t be happier with my little Finley. He is precious. You can tell a lot of time was spent with him because you can touch him anywhere and he just purrs. I cannot thank her enough for giving me my new little friend. My new little family member is doing well. If you are thinking about a Scottish Fold or British Shorthair, I would encourage you to pick up the phone and give her a call. It was an incredible experience."...Bunnie C  
"I have never owned a kitten but wanted to purchase one as a family pet. Monette answered my first email promptly..there's not enough to be said about getting my folded fold from her, even though it took me 2years to get my purrfect baby girl ,Monette answered all and every single question i had, which to me, is nothing short of amazing-her heart and dedication to her work really shines through. Not only is my fold beautiful but she's smart, sweet ,affectionate, and playful! I can tell she was well socialized as she took to me and my kiddos almost instantly, she definitely loves to be where the action is around my house. I must admit I was worried having her shipped but she was the sweetest thing once I got her in my car...she came out of her cage and was so beautiful to my eyes !!! I must admit, the pictures didn't even do her justice, her markings are absolutely unbelievably gorgeous- although i thoroughly enjoyed the weekly pics and videos ! I must say if I EVER get another folded fold it will ONLY be from Monette as it was well worth the wait!! Words cannot express my appreciation thank you!"...Cheryl S  
"After retiring a couple of years ago and being a widow whose grown children had families of their own to care for, I found I needed some companionship. I have always been drawn to the British Short Hair cat breed so my quest in search of a reputable breeder began. Living in the state of Missouri, to my surprise there were no such breeders listed, therefore, my search went national. I researched several websites and only those listed as superior or had high marks earned my more intent search. Celtic Folds was the one cattery that I kept returning to after reading all the testimonials, I e-mailed Monette and told her what I was looking for. She returned my e-mail quickly with an in-depth message explaining all about herself, family and their cattery. To say I was impressed is an understatement, to say the least. As I visited her website almost hourly, my desire changed from the Short Hair to the Scottish Fold. Monette did not disappoint. In no time at all, she had me viewing pictures of a little male black Scottish Fold, whom grabbed hold my heart and has not let go. Not only is Monette very professional, she also has a very warm side when it comes to her cats and kittens. She sends pictures and videos of your fur baby weekly and as I did, I'm sure you will review them over and over again. My little fur baby had to be flown to me and Monette was so helpful with arrangements. She asked that I call or e-mail as soon as he arrived and when I did, she e-mailed back and said he was the one that had to travel the farthest and now that she knew he was fine she could relax. My baby was everything Monette said he would be. I never once had any reason to doubt or question anything she said. Completely trustworthy. Would I use Celtic Folds again, the answer is a resounding yes! Would I recommend Celtic Folds to my closest friends, you bet I would!"...Jeannie H. 
"Even though Angus came into our lives only 2 days ago, he acts like he is home. Coming from such a clean, loving home made that potentially difficult situation so easy. We drove a very long way to pick up Angus and the long trip home went without a hitch. Angus was soon sleeping on the console between us! I have never been around such a sweet kitten and kind of wish I would have done this sooner. Every contact I had with Monette was honest and professional, and meeting her was like we had known each other for years. I did quite a bit of research on finding the perfect kitten, and it seems my instincts were correct when I found Celtic Folds and Monette. I would never go anywhere else to find another kitten. Thank you, Monette, for being you."...Susie P 
"The first time I saw that picture of the cat with folded ears playing with a Nintendo Gameboy, I had to find out about that cat. I’ve been around cats my whole life, I couldn’t believe I’d never seen a cat like that before. After researching about the Scottish Fold breed, and finding out that it had a really cute and sweet personality, I decided I wanted to own one. I looked a pictures on the internet, and searched the different color combinations and told my husband I really wanted a silver/gray tabby with white on the face/chest. We found one lady who had a scottish fold kitten for sale, not the color I had imagined, but I’m a sucker for a cute kitten. Anyway, the lady was real shady, and the contract she emailed my husband was a picture of the contract. We passed, it just didn’t feel right. I continued to look for Scottish Fold breeders and soon found Monette’s website. I read her entire website, many times. Read all the testimonials and looked at the pictures of all the sold kittens. At the time she didn’t have any kittens for sale, or any planned litters. She had just recently gotten a new stud, and wasn’t sure when there would be a litter. Over the next few weeks, I had continued to search for “breeders with good reputation” and kept coming back to Monette’s website. After talking it over with my husband we decided to ask if we could be put on her list. We originally asked to be put on the folded fold list, but after more reading about the breed, decided we would rather own a straight eared fold. It was no problem when we asked to be switched, and she was very friendly in all her emails, always responding very promptly. A couple of months after we contacted Monette, my husband said she had emailed, and there had been a new litter born on 8/6 which is also my husbands birthday!! A sign? She sent us some pictures but told us that she wouldn’t know for a couple more weeks if there was going to be any folds and how many. There were 5 kittens total 2 solid blue, 1 blue/white, and 2 blue ticked(gray tabby). It was meant to be!!! As soon as I saw those pictures, I knew exactly which one I wanted. She was so cute. gray tabby with white on her chest and face. I knew immediately that would be our cat. After a couple more weeks, only one kitten’s ears had folded. Before I knew which one it was, I told Monette the kitten I wanted, and luckily that one’s ears did not fold. I was ecstatic! I was still regularly looking at Monette’s website, and noticed one of the kittens had not sold, the other blue ticked kitten. What!!! I had this feeling. I talked to my husband and we decided to go for it. After several emails, the deal was done. The next few weeks were really cool. Monette sent pictures of both our babies, and a couple of videos. We really appreciated that she seemed to keep her cattery clean and the kittens always seemed very clean and beautiful. When the time came to get our babies, we were having them shipped via delta dash. Unexpectedly, Delta changed their policy on the classification of snub nose pets, and included the Scottish Fold in that category, which meant that the temperature could not exceed 75 degrees at any point in their journey. So in addition to temperature, we were also racing against a hurricane, Yikes! The only flight that would meet the temperature qualifications left San Antonio at 6:15am which meant Monette would have to have the kittens at the airport at 4am on Saturday morning. It was pouring rain as the hurricane approached, but bless her heart she made it to the airport and we had our babies by 11:30 that morning. They are the most beautiful kittens I have ever seen. They arrived clean and smelled great. The minute I opened the door Mr Meowy pranced right out and he has been a sweet little ball of fur, flipping and flopping all over the place. Abby Gabby is so pretty, she is a little shy, but she is warming up. Thank you so much Monette! The next time we decide to buy another Scottish Fold kitten we will be calling you! My vet fell in love them too. He said they are in perfect health from what he can tell. He seemed mesmerized by them, he might be asking for your information"...Brandy/Chad B  
"When my fiancée and I decided to purchase a Scottish fold kitten we knew that it’s going to be a huge investment, not so much financially, but rather an emotional commitment to care for something as precious as a young kitten. After endless hours of meticulous and methodical online researching, one particular cattery stood head and shoulders above the rest….Celtic Fold Cattery! Of course the beautiful and majestic Queens that were featured on the website drew us in, along with their resulting offspring; however, it was the testimonial page from past customers that sealed the deal for us. And now after personally dealing with Monette, we can see why others were so happy and satisfied with their past experiences. From the onset, Monette was very helpful and courteous with our inquiries and somehow always manages to reply to our email before the end of the day. Although she did warn us that the wait for a folded Scottish fold would be awhile, we were more than willing to wait. And surely enough….Good things come to those who wait! With superior customer service skills that put even the best of the Fortune 500 companies to shame, it comes without any hesitations that we fully recommend your search for the perfect kitten should be from Monette. Thank you Monette for our stunning and charming little Caesar! He’s everything we could ever hope for in a Scottish fold and so much more!"...Donovan Q  
"We had a great experience getting our new little kitten from Monette. Our new baby is healthy, well socialized, litter trained and lovable. The whole process was pretty easy and not as stressful as we thought it may be. Once we picked our kitten, Monette was great at following up with weekly updates, pictures and videos. Also liked that she had us pick a name so that little Nat'ly would know her name when she got to our house. We were very impressed with how quickly Monette responded to our emails anytime we had questions during the process as well. You can tell that she takes great pride and has a strong interest in her baby's because of all the little things she does during the process. The contract with requirements for the care of the kitten, the educational information and other communications make sure that only caring owners get thru the process and that her baby's have a good family. We love our new kitten and her personality and highly recommend Celtic Folds Cattery and Monette for your next new family member!"...Dannette/Mitch D 
"Celtic Fold Cattery is a great place to find a furry friend. We had been cat-less for 2 years, and really wanted a Scottish Fold. Monette at the Cattery was easy to work with and, though we started out low on the waiting list, we wound up getting kittens fairly quickly. They were everything Monette promised, and all her advice is sound and well-though-out. These are the first kittens I have ever had that don't scratch at all--because they have only played with toys--NOT hands! She will let you in on what she's observed of your cat's personality, and warn you what NOT to do to have a happy cat home. She really knows her cats! We picked up our kittens rather than shipping them, so we had a chance to check out the Cattery in person. It looked and smelled clean (no small feat when multiple long and short-hair cats are around); the cats were sociable and appropriate; and we were given all our paperwork (including vaccination records) and had a chance to ask as many questions as we had. When we met our kittens, they took a little acclimating, but were clearly used to handling by humans. After a week at home, they are perfectly comfortable, come when called, and are friendly and playful--everything we wanted in kittens!"...Elizabeth O 
Mo "I am not a person that makes decisions and researches everything multiple times. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I searched several catteries for a Scottish fold kitten when I found the Celtic Fold Cattery. I emailed Monette and she replied quickly and answered all of my questions. Once my contract was signed, we received weekly photos or videos. It was nice to see her development prior to her arrival. When our Pennyworth arrived, she was clean and very alert. Our new family member adjusted to her new home in short amount of time. She loves to play is very curious and wants to be near her family when she is not exploring or playing. If you have the opportunity to get a kitten form Monette and the Celtic Fold Cattery you are truly blessed."
... Karen V. 
"The transition from Celtic Folds Cattery to our home was effortless. One would never know that our kitty was not raised by us from the day she was born as she took to us and our home immediately. Monette did a fantastic job at the cattery in caring for the kittens by totally domesticating them; here at home she enabled us to share in our kitten’s life the three months she was at the cattery. The weekly pictures and/or videos of our little Elle meant so much to us. The detailed information Monette provided us about caring for the kittens was extremely helpful, and she was always prompt in answering any questions I had. Our kitten is adorable, loving, playful and really made a hit at the local vet’s office as none of the staff had ever seen a British Shorthair!"...Marsha J 
"Our kitten Scully has officially been part of our family and our home for five days now. I really can't say enough about how easy and wonderfully seamless the transition has been having him here with us. He has adapted to everything so easily, has been very playful and loving, and is extremely well-behaved and well-tempered. I know all of this is a testament to Monette and the excellent job she does raising these kittens. From the moment I first saw her organized and comprehensive webpage, I knew how much she loved them and what a great job she does raising them. This is obviously very important to Monette and shows in everything she does regarding Celtic Folds Cattery. I am so appreciative of all the updates she took the time to give to our family before Scully came to live with us. She helped us choose a kitten, she provided lots of pictures and videos as he was growing up, and she really eased his transition into our home. Each picture and video was an opportunity to get to know him better even though we lived far away, and it helped me prepare my young sons for having a new little kitty in the house. Everything Monette does regarding these cats is done with so much care and love and it shows in every aspect of having our new kitten. He is a wonderful cat. Monette also provided us with so much useful information for raising our kitten and caring for him. I really can't say enough positive things about this dear woman, her cats, and this entire experience. Scully was meant to be part of our family, and we are so thankful for him and Monette."...Erin B 
"Looking for a kitten breeder is a very overwhelming task. There are a lot of choices out there and in general, it is hard to even get someone to respond to an inquiry. This is not true with Monette. She contacted me almost immediately and answered all my questions (and she's still answering all my questions even though our little Evie arrived already!). She was very attentive throughout the whole process - we received updates, photos, and/or videos at least weekly. She pays very close attention to the kittens to make sure everything is going well. When it was time for Evie to come to her new home, I was a little worried because she had to fly all the way to Pennsylvania, but everything worked out great! If you are looking for a Scottish Fold or British Shorthair, look no further!"...Carey B 
"Siofra is out playing all the time now. She slept tucked up on my books on my bookshelf last night, but was ready for lots of snuggles as soon as we got up. I'm super impressed with how quickly she is adapting. She took another nap in the middle of the floor in a sunbeam earlier today. She has been super snuggly with both myself and my boyfriend and actually comes when I call her if she isn't sleeping. It's amazing! We had a bonding moment last night when we were trying to get her to potty. All she wanted was to snuggle with me, so I held her and talked to her for about half an hour. She did finally do her duty in the litter box last night before we went to bed, and seems pretty comfortable cruising all over the house today. When she saw I had gotten up this morning she came running right for me and let me pick her up and snuggle her. She actually seems to prefer being right on my chest or in my lap to sitting next to me on the couch. Every time I have set her on the couch so far, she has climbed over into my lap and up my chest. She loves to put her paws on my chin or my lips and lick either my chin or my nose. She'll stretch out on me and purr up a storm! I love it! I didn't realize how much I have missed the purring. She starts purring every time she sees me now. :o) This morning she crawled up my chest and kept squirming around until she was on her back in my arms like a baby then grabbed my hand and licked it like crazy. She stayed like that for quite a while napping and resting, until she decided it was time to play again. I really am amazed at how quickly she is getting used to her new surroundings. She'll even lay in the middle of the floor with her belly exposed. It's incredible! She's eating and drinking and acts like she's been here forever. It's absolutely the most amazing transition I've ever seen with a kitten! Especially since I wasn't able to give her the first quiet day I was hoping for, and planned. But I was sincerely amazed with how docilely she took the whole crazy day in. She truly is such a wonderful gift, and I appreciate so much you trusting me to take her in and be her human. She has already completely won my heart! Thanks again, so much!! She really is an amazing kitty!"...Lisa W 
"Words cannot express how pleasant of an experience we had in purchasing our sweet little "Stormy" from Monette. She truly cares about not only the kittens but the people she sells them too. I spoke with her through emails sometimes several times a day about questions and how we had, had a kitten before that did not fit with my family. I told her that I had a 6 year old little girl and a 4 year old little boy with Down syndrome and how the kitten we had before was very aggressive with him. She listened to my concerns and made a special effort to make sure Stormy had a lot of handling prior to us receiving her. When we received Stormy, she was absolutely beautiful and healthy and everything we imagined. Stormy is so mild mannered and sweet and has been a great addition to our home. We have truly been blessed with finding Monette."...Misty LP 
"[Reece] is sooo happy, everything is fantastic! She has slept in my lap for an hour and 1/2. She is incredibly calm! Kind of unbelievable for kitten. She couldn't be any sweeter! She seems to like me already. I'm totally in love! Totally loves to play. I could not be happier! I really have loved talking to you and enjoyed seeing the pictures and videos of Reese and I feel it has really helped me seem like I've watched her grow up! I feel I've been able to bond with her and love her already! I have really enjoyed this whole experience Monette. Love, love, love! Everything I wanted! I will definitely buy my future cats from you so thank you for putting my name back on the fold list. Thanks for everything!"...Tracey H  
"[Edina] is just perfect. She slept with me all night and snuggled under the covers too. I've never seen a kitty eat so fast! She does love her food. We played for hours this morning. It is obvious that she has been well loved and socialized. She is just a tiny bit shy but gets over it very quickly. Not skittish at all and really a very sweet girl. I absolutely adore her. She has already picked up the nickname "Eddie Teddy Bear". My other kitty does know she is here but doesn't seem to care one bit (whew). She isn't a typical "cattery" cat. You really do a wonderful service to these kitties. I don't know how you can part with them, it is clear that you love them and it shows in Eddie's personality. I just can't say enough.....and how grateful I am to have one of your little loves in my family. Dear departed Wally would approve."...Kerry H 
"My baby Buttercup is not only gorgeous... but amazingly sweet and tender thanks to Monette. She continued to work with Buttercup in her last weeks at her home to socialize her. The weekly communications and videos / photos from Monette were fun to get and we couldn't wait to see out weekly update! Talking on the phone with Monette was always informative and delightful. I am hopeful to get a ANOTHER kitten from Monette in the future!"...Janelle P 
"Karmen is a complete doll; she is precious and such a sweetheart. It seems like we knew each other as soon as she was released from the pet carrier; she loves to cuddle and wake me up at 4 a.m., I guess to make sure I’m okay – she touches my face with her right paw and gives me an Eskimo kiss. Karmen is healthy and strong, I give all the thanks to Monette; she kept me informed and she also gave great advice with the final e-mail before delivery. Thanks Monette!"...Meca I 
"We had a great experience buying a kitten from Monette she answered every question i had and believe me i had a ton! When we got Dusty home he came right out of his carrier after a minute or so and went under my bed but he came right out only a few minutes later and has been a fun loving kitty ever since and he loves to play and sleep close to me. I have never had a cat that was so soft! Wow! if you want a British Shorthair or Scottish Fold look no further because i promise these are top notch kitties! =)"...Tommy/Thomas D 
"When I lost Fergus, my beloved Scottish Fold of 19 years, I knew I wanted another fold, but the process of getting one seemed a bit daunting: get on a wait list, wait for your turn to come up, and just hope that is the right cat for you. I knew I wanted a beautiful cat with a special temperament and personality and had some concerns that this process would be a bit insensitive to my desires. I contacted a number of breeders and honestly found them to be quite responsive. But Monette was in her own league – responsive, sensitive, funny, knowledgeable, and so enthusiastic about her cats!!! I was quite surprised when she contacted me within three months to offer me what she felt was a very special kitten. It was obvious that she loves her kittens and cares very much where they go and that the “chemistry” is right. Well, it was pretty much love at first sight despite the fact that this kitten was the exact opposite of what I initially had in mind -- I wanted a brown tabby folded male and she is the most beautiful little female calico – but OH, THAT FACE!!!! It was hard to wait until she was ready to go – but Monette made it so much easier with her frequent updates. I know that she promises weekly updates, but she really went above and beyond with us, sometimes dropping a quick email daily. By the time Gigi arrived I felt that I was getting a cat from a friend! Gigi is wonderful – absolutely beautiful and sweet, loving, affectionate – by day 2 she was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. Monette’s care and handling really shows! I can’t quite express my gratitude to Monette for this beautiful cat! While Fergus will always be in my heart, Gigi and I are looking forward to writing our own chapter together. I would recommend Celtic Folds to anyone looking for a Scottish Fold – I couldn’t be happier with the entire process."...Dana H 
"We had done our research when it came to finding the right Scottish Fold to join our family. Monette by far had the qualities and professionalism that out shined the rest. She truly was interested in to whom and where her kittens went. We adopted Elvis into a family with a Havenese Dog and 2 other cats. He is quite animated , personable , active, and a curious young boy. The other animals have done very well accepting him into the family. Elvis was a fantastic decision!!! Celtic Scottish Folds rates 5 plus stars in all aspects . Heartfelt thanks for bringing a beautiful smile to us and those around us."...Cheryl G 
"Oh what a blessing to have such a well behaved kitten! I am certain this comes from the love Monette and her family has given her! She has so much discipline, I am amazed! Belina’s trip seemed to suit her fine, flying from New Orleans to Detroit. She came to me in a hard case carrier with food lovingly attached to it and even her ball. She had a place in the carrier for food and water for the trip. I cried in anticipation of seeing her, and when she was brought to me, I cried even more, seeing her finally in person. She was and is- BEAUTIFUL! Belina smelled clean, her toenails were trimmed, and she was just fine! I was so excited to get my precious little Belina girl! Before Belina’s arrival, Monette was sure to send pictures each week, and even videos of her, and she answered any and all of my questions. Monette and I were always in contact so very often that it felt as if we became friends. Do you know that I honestly do not recall how I found Monette’s website…. or why for sure I ended up there, but I was feeling a bit lonely, and winter was coming in Illinois and I thought a kitty would be fun to have in my life again. After I fell for Belina, (love at first sight) I had concern… as it seemed everyone I began to confer with was an apparent rescuer! I seriously did not know where all these people came from! BUT! Its okay people, as I believe that God is involved in all that is love, and I am thankful for all who rescue, and those who have been rescued. Winter feels a little less lonely with my new friend Belina, and she is an expression of LOVE! Do you know that after the second night Belina began to mirror me! When I get up, she does, when I take a drink of water, she does!! How sweet is that!! Then right back to sleep we go! What a gal I have! I love her! Thank you!"...Michelle B 
"My experience with Monette was so wonderful that I bought my kitty Belina a friend. Yes, that’s right! I have now two kitties. Monette has been wonderful, and I highly recommend her. She works very hard in helping us learn correct ways in raising beautiful kittens into healthy adults. I cannot say enough. She teaches them, and loves them… My first kitten was brought to me by air, my second I picked up. I think she said I held the record for distance… and I would do it again! My kitten was a JOY, and I mean joy on the trip home. His personality is amazing, and he up holds his name…“David”. What a blessing we have here at my home, for me and his older “sister”, Belina! Thank you Monette!"...Michelle B 
"I had never had a cat to myself before, and Monette is very helpful. I was worried that I wouldn’t be prepared enough when the kitten arrives. However, Monette sent me well organized information to help me prepare. I feel much more confident after I read her well informed emails. She also answers my questions very fast with patience. In addition, my kitten has very good behavior, so I can tell that she put her time to train and love the kittens. I had two cats from shelter before, and it turned out to be a little nightmare. But Ronan is so sweet and smart. He learned my sleeping time the first night he got here, and he never bothers me when I sleep. He sleeps when I sleep, and come to my bed for some loving when I am waking up. He is getting stronger and stronger every day, and I love him very much. Thank you Monette for all your help!"...Emma L  
"It is hard to write a testimonial for you since there is so much to try to get in there! We started off in such a good way and so much seems to have happened since my kitten was reserved for me. I appreciate all the work, care and love that you have put into my kitten. It really shows, from the moment I opened her kennel door and she came bounding out of there full of energy purring, making biscuits and wanting to get her chin and ears rubbed. I haven't had one problem or complaint with her. Yesterday was her first full day in the house free to roam and play as she likes and she did so well..!! Last night I let her decide where to sleep and she was so exhausted from her busy day that she plunked down on her back next to me and didn't budge the entire night. She is a perfect fit here and I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine a better breeder. All the time you have taken to put me at ease throughout the process, answering all of my questions has certainly paid off. My little girl is so well behaved, I just look at her and shake my head in disbelief..! To anyone reading this testimonial, don't hesitate to get on the waiting list. Monette's kittens are worth the wait..!!"...Robin C  
"We would like to thank Monette at Celtic Folds Cattery for all that she has done. I personally have always wanted a Scottish Fold, but have been very cautious about looking online and was very particular with whom I would consider. I wanted to truly know that I would be investing in a knowledgeable and trustworthy breeder that we could feel comfortable with. After the first few emails with Monette, any hesitations were put aside, and we were placed on the waiting list - eagerly waiting for our turn to come up. Eleven weeks later, we received the sweetest kitten we could have ever imagined. The moment we picked her up at the airport, she was purring and ready to play; a wonderful, happy and healthy kitten! Monette worked every step of the way with us, providing great feedback, weekly updates and photos, and detailed information, not to mention devoted attention to our kitten. She was an incredible resource and helped prepare our home for Chewie. We are so grateful for Monette's kindness, love, and dedication for her cats - she is such a pleasure to work with and an incredibly sweet person. Jen and I couldn't be happier with our little kitten, Chewie - we absolutely love her; she fills our home with instant joy! We are so thankful that we discovered Celtic Folds Cattery, and can't thank you enough for your commitment, passion, and of course, for Chewie!!!"... Jason and Jennifer M.
"First of all I want to let you know acquiring one of your Scottish Folds was a great experience which is very much in line with your testimonials. I couldn't be more pleased with our interactions and seeing the weekly photos and videos. Sidney is exactly what I was looking for and patience did pay off. Her personality is exactly as you described and I felt like I knew her before she arrived. Like you I worried about her welfare during her day of travel but she came through like a champ. My family loves her to the moon and back! I`m so grateful to have found your website in my research and I commend you on your service and knowledge. Thank you:-)"...Amy K 
"...Nearly a year ago when we met Monette, we just had a feeling that she was a honest person, who wasn’t out to just to sell a kitten, but had everyone best interest at heart and especially the kitten. We worked with Monette for nearly a year before we found our kitten. Once I met Monette, we stopped shopping and waiting for her to find us one of her cats. We received our cat Saturday, Monette shipped her from LA, to Atlanta and she arrived in Omaha about 60 miles from our home. We were very leery of having such a young animal shipped [but] our cat arrived in a nice clean cage, with a towel, food in a baggy, and she came out purring. We could not be happier, its obvious this kitten was handled with love by a real professional. Once our kitten arrived at home, she went potty #1 and #2 within the first couple hours, ate, and was very playful right from the get go. We had planned on a slow transition and taking the first couple days very slow, quiet, and limiting her to one or two rooms in our home, and I could see how that might be best in most cases, it was obvious for us that our kitten was comfortable, confident, and happy to be with us. I would encourage anyone looking for a kitten to consider Monette Freeman and we have already talked about our next kitten we get will be from her.
I hope this helps you make a decision and I hope you have as good of luck as we had."...Troy B. 
"To all the people browsing the Celtic Fold Cattery site and disbelieving (like I did) the testimonials about how the kitten arrived happy, clean, quiet and purring from Monette----IT'S TRUE!! I was so surprised. After leaving New Orleans and stopping in Atlanta for a while, she landed in Ft Myers, Fla. Cloudy was purring and just as sweet as can be. She has been a dream come true and is learning to enjoy her new life with me. She is so well behaved because Monette treated her so well during the formative weeks of her life...Thank you Monette!"..Sally D. 
"I used to be a cat owner many years ago and it has taken some time for me to decide that we would like a cat back in our lives. My oldest son has always liked cats but for several years now has expressed a desire to have one. We started looking earlier this year and decided scottish folds were the ones we were interested in the most. I had looked up several online sights being that there are no catteries that i know of near me. That being said I didn't want a cat from a large catterie and just at that point I found Monette's beautiful site. Her site endeared me to her because I could see the cats were part of her family and life and that it was not a big catterie. I read her testimonials and that as well helped me to decide I was interested in talking to her about a kitten. Although we wanted a folded fold we couldn't help but think all of them were beautiful. Monette was thoroughly informative about the cats and I feel went above and beyond explaining about the breed but more importantly the way she treated us is unlike any of my previous experiences. Seeing a picture or video every week definitely helped decide this was the kitten for us and the breed for us as well as the breeder for us. I would suggest Monette to anyone wanting these breeds of cats. Thank you so much for everything Monette. P.S. I've already started thinking of a little sibling for Mystique."...Greta A 
"I started looking for a Scottish Fold kitten after we lost our beloved Scottish Fold to PKD. I contacted many breeders and most did not respond. When I contacted Monette, not only did she respond immediately, but she also took the time to discuss, very openly, the concerns that I had about safe breeding practices. Part of our discussion was around HCM and PKD. Not only did Monette assure me of her safe breeding practices, but the very next day I received an email with her vet’s contact info and test results. I could not have been more impressed with how forthcoming she was. We adopted 2 kittens, brothers. Each week Monette sent us either a photo or video of the boys. The photos and videos allowed us to watch the boys grow and feel like we were a part of it. The boys arrived from the flight perfectly clean and healthy and they have been doing extremely well. They were very friendly with us from the outset. They didn’t hide and they both ate so well – starting the very next morning. After two days in just one room, they started to easily explore the rest of the house on day three. A few days later I moved the litter box to the basement without any issue. I couldn’t be happier with how well they are adjusting. Monette did such a fantastic job with them. I feel very fortunate having been able to adopt from her. Her level of caring for her kitties and communication with clients is unmatched." Cora F  
"I am thrilled to be writing this testimonial. Monette has blessed us with a perfect kitten! Nola is the most playful, loving, funny, energetic and beautiful kitten I have ever seen. I have never owned a cat before, but the wait was worth it for this stunning Scottish Fold. Day one Nola fit right in with the family and now she's Queen of the house! Monette is a wonderful breeder. I cannot tell you how many emails she has written to me above and beyond the call of duty. She truly and whole heartily cares for the animals and her buyers. Our next cat with be a Monette cat! I also had the privilege of going to the cattery and it was wonderful. Very clean and safe! All the cats were very happy there. Thank you to Monette and her family for everything." Alicia A  
"I have purchased a beautiful, intelligent, and happy Scottish Fold kitten from Celtic Folds Cattery. I started the process while stationed in South Korea. I sent Monette an email explaining that my husband and I are in the U.S. Army. Monette put me on the waiting list and I was actually a candidate! It worked out in our favor that the kittens would be available for delivery after we moved back to the states. Monette worked with us by keeping in touch through emails. She was reassuring and very informative while we were waiting for our Scottish Fold kitten. When I received Sebastian at the airport he was alert. When we got home Sebastian came right out of the carrier and did not hide under beds or furniture. Sebastian knew his name and was very intelligent and very alert. He is very loving and affectionate and is referred to as our little purr machine. I had some behavioral kitten questions, and I called Monette and she was very helpful with her knowledge over the phone. Monette has been a tremendous help. I have and will recommend this cattery to people who wish to adopt a Scottish Fold kitten." Marlina P
"Working with Monette was fun and easy. She was exceptional in her communications: always prompt responses to my questions and consistent in sending weekly updates. My kitty few across the country to get to here and I was pleasantly surprised when I got him home how he eagerly came right out to greet me. Our transition has gone great and Ozzy gets along with our Dog Mia way better than I expected. I can not tell you how grateful I am for how well my new kitty has been raised. He is so respectful of boundaries and has an absolutely precious disposition. Monette and her family are amazing at what they do. They make having a kitty a true delight."...Kerry M  
 "First let me say that about three years ago, I saw a picture of the most beautiful cat.  It took some research on my part to discover it was a blue British Shorthair.  I immediately began searching for a breeder in a somewhat close proximity to my home.  I located one and thought I might be considered for purchase of a kitten, but was told within a few months that they were no longer available in my state.  At the same time, my husband became seriously ill.  I put the thought on the back burner, but never too far out of mind.  Around the first of July, I began to search again and found Monette Freeman.  I called many many breeders and left my name and number with no response.  Monette was the first and only breeder to call me back and was most gracious and kind, besides the fact she had just had a litter of kittens with three blues.  At that time their sex was not identified and I told her I wanted a big blue boy.  Over the next twelve weeks, Monette sent pictures of our boy, Edward, videos, plus emails updating us on his progress.  I felt as though we became friends through the internet.  I found her to be extremely honest and kind.  It seemed like the day would never arrive for us to get our Edward.  Our trip to get him was strenuous.  We started out from Florida, driving to Nashville, then to Opelousas, then home in 5 days.  Wow!!!  When we arrived at Monette's, she was so gracious and warm.  She showed us Edward's dad and mom, plus her Scottish Fold babies (you new owners are blessed to get one) and we got to see where and how they live.  I wish every new owner could see her cattery.  It is her home, clean, spacious and full of love.  It is very evident Monette loves each and every one of her cats and kittens.  They are clean and well fed and very especially well loved.  Edward was well socialized and made the trip home splendidly.  He has quickly become part of our lives and has bonded to both of us.  I cannot think of anything else I could have asked for from Monette and will always be deeply indebted to her for making this dream come true for us!  Blessings Monette and may you always have such great litters and lots of Scottish Folds as well as beautiful Brits!" Val T
"We cannot thank you enough for our wonderful furry bundle of joy! Not only is Maxwell such a beautiful color but he is so smart, sweet and easy going. As soon as we got home from the airport (he came such a long way from Louisiana to Nevada) he used the litter box and he never once scratched anything or been naughty. I expected him to be scared or cranky after the flight but he just settled right in. He's so loving; you can definitely tell he was given lots of love and attention. We were not expecting him to be so well behaved and he was definitely worth the wait!" Stephanie F       
"Thank you so much for our little Lottie (Charlotte) Jane! She is the cutest (yes, cutest!) little warm body chubby, purring, happy kitten ever. Words do not describe how gorgeous and attentive she is in person. Perfect face, big round caring eyes, thick coat, patient temperament, easy to please, and personality galore! She traveled well, and fit right into our world seamlessly. She literally hopped out of her carrier, ran right to the cat tree and started to play! That is amazing!!...We ALL love being around her...We saw Lottie and fell in love. Your website is the best I have seen, full of pictures, information, helpful links and more. I have never purchased a kitten that had to be shipped to me before; you took the time and care to make sure all was just so before you let Lottie travel on her journey to us...The care you take in raising your animals is the same care you take in raising us with tender, heartfelt, honest to goodness love and care. You made sure Celia (Lottie's true momma) and I (Celia's true momma) felt connected to not just Lottie, but your entire family. That is so important. Celia and Lottie have bonded very nicely...You made sure we felt like a special part of Lottie's life from (almost) day one! I can never thank you enough for blessing us with this wonderful little girl! She is PURRFECT!!" Laurie R
" We wanted to express to you how happy we are with our kitten, Whisky. She is getting along well with our dog, Zeus, and she adjusted to us and our new home so quickly! She has found a couple of hiding places around the home including my bottom drawer of my dresser for her naps. Her personality is wonderful and especially in an animal so young we have not encountered one as loving and adaptive as she is. We are just floored with how cute, pretty, and well behaved she is and we wanted to thank you for doing such a great job socializing her and being so easy to work with to acquire our new addition to our family!"...Ryan K & Heather B 
"Monette, I think lil Bayou* is as sweet as you, her human mama. Ever since I first contacted you about another kitten who was taken just a short time before my inquiry, you have been kind and patient... sending a video of her playing in a basket... so sweet. Bayou* made my heart smile and she was meant to be mine, and somehow you knew this. Answering questions, sending new pictures and videos, even though she was so far away I got to watch her grow up. Your way of doing things could be a model for how to run a successful cattery. Now, about Bayou*... Bright eyed, plush, soft fur, healthy, FAST ( like you said ) sweet, purring. From the moment the guy put her crate on the counter in front of me at the airport, we could hear her purring! He even took a few pictures of her on his cell phone because as he said, " I love these blue cats". She arrived clean & fresh, used her cat box in the car. She hides behind the heated towel bars, but comes out when I say her name, ready to be picked up, purring. She is so playful, she has claimed one lil mouse with a feather tail, runs around with it in her mouth. It is hard to give her the quiet time she needs these first few days as she is so agreeable to everything new already! Anyone thinking of adopting a kitten from Monette, Do It. You will not be disappointed with Monette or your kitten. It has been a delight. Thank You, Monette for this wonderful little ball of pure love." Sharon G.
"Monette, I had a wonderful time visiting with you at your house when I came to pick up my BSH kitten, Maud. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and efficiently cat friendly environment that you keep for the cats. I could not have picked a better breeder if I had tried for years. The feeling I got when seeing my kitten and how she had been being taken care was priceless. My cat is transitioning wonderfully with my family and two sons. She's already become a part of the family! Her laid back personality fits perfectly. I recommend the Celtic Folds Cattery to anyone who can give one of these cats as good of a home as I picked up mine from."...Carly S  
"After a slow warming up process, Marlowe proved Monette right: on night three, he decided to come out from hiding to be the most affectionate cat I could hope to own. He's my shipoopi, with all the great features of a straight-eared Scottish Fold that makes the breed so great to own, with or without the ear folds. He's playful, curious, and he's even hopped up in my lap on occasion for some good cuddles. He's also well behaved: in the midst of the exploration process, he's consistently used the litter box. More important than how great Marlowe is, Monette is an excellent breeder. First, she responded to all of my questions before I decided to bring home Marlowe, she allowed me to visit the cattery to see her operations, and she's answered all of my questions since bringing him home (entirely too many emails from this skittish new owner), making the early days...extremely easy to navigate. And now, as I write this, he's frolicking around the apartment, playing with a new straw he uncovered. It's like I've had him for years. Thank you so much, Monette!" Ty C


"Judah is doing beautifully. The other two are actually tolerating him fairly well, too. The male, Theo, whom I thought might be a problem, actually seems fine with it all. Fiona, is a bit jealous but I am watching them play right now with a ball. Usually I isolate completely but as they are playing I will let it go on until Judah has had enough. Then he is MINE alone in my/our room. Last night he jumped up in my bed, lay next to me rubbing my face and purring loudly enough to wake up JFK at Arlington. I was thrilled that he sought me out and was so comfortable laying on me and being petted. He is so affectionate and loving. I keep trying to get photos of him but I am too busy playing games with him. I guess when you remove an animal from his little prison and feed and water him, play with him, give him litter and bring him home to toyland, he feels pretty happy. Thank you for the gift of this amazing companion, Judah." Big hug, Denyse A
"Monette: From the time we picked him up at the airport, Binx has been such a lovebug. He purrs (incredibly loud for such a small fellow!) and looks so innocent and sweet with his adorable expression. He loves to play with the feather wand toys and sleeps in his kitty nest with his stuffless skunk (too cute!). He greets us with soft meows in the morning to remind us it's breakfast time and anytime he wants our attention. Of course, he loves the cat tree (just like you said he would) and is respectful of our other kitties, Tigger and Obi. We look forward to having him as part of our family and feel blessed that you shared this very special kitten with us. I certainly appreciated all your correspondence/calls/videos telling us about him and answering questions over the last several weeks. We just can't get over how truly SWEET (and funny) he is! Who knows, maybe my husband will agree to another one in the future!? Thanks for everything and best wishes for your continued success."Pam M
"Our experience with Monette and her home was brief but comforting. Her home was very clean but with a warm atmosphere. I also got to meet her housekeeper Anna...This atmosphere seemed to give our little fold a loving and friendly disposition. So far I am impressed with how healthy and happy our kitty is. Monette has a standard that we had to meet to be eligible to adopt/purchase her kitten. This type of requirement let's me know her cat is going to be the best new family member we could have hoped for."...Matt  

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