Scottish Fold Kittens for sale at Celtic Folds Cattery, Texas.

Scottish Fold Kittens for sale

  Scottish Fold Kittens for Sale in Texas


Please note: If you have been on the waiting list since 2014/2015 and still wish to stay on my waiting list, please email me. All people on the waiting list from those two years will be purged by the end of the January 2018. Thank you!

-------------------  ♥ Litter Announcements  -------------------

Alana-Winston BSH born 1/24/18 litter of 4

Kitten 1 - SOLD
 SOLD congratulations Catherine.

Kitten 2 - SOLD
SOLD congratulations Myra

Kitten 3 - SOLD
SOLD congratulations Tomiko.

Kitten 4 - SOLD
SOLD congratulations Elsie.

--------------------------------  ---------------------------------------------------------  -----------------------------

Sable/Winston litter of 7 born 9/2/17

Thank you Jackie

Thank you Danielle

Thank you Danielle

Thank you Mary Ann
Thank you Aaron
Thank you Jaclyn
Thank you Jaclyn

Alana/Oscar British Shorthair litter of 5 born 8/28/17

Thank you -

Thank you Danielle
Thank you Wen

Thank you Tianxu

Thank you Sara

Indigo/Winston's SF litter of 4 born on 08/16/17
Thank you Tiffani
Thank you Tiffani
Thank you Danielle
Thank you Greggory

*For all those already on the list, I've had to increase prices due to the increase in vet bills and now complying with Texas Sales Tax laws. Litter dates will be announced when I've confirmed pregnancy.
I encourage you to get on other breeder's waiting lists as well.

Instructions on how to get on my waiting list is in the last paragraph (underlined) below. 

Here are a few photos of  SOLD kittens - both Scottish Fold (left, center and right) and British Shorthair (center left and center right). As you can see there is not much difference between a Scottish Fold and a British Shorthair in conformation (except when the ears fold on a Scottish Fold).
Here are a few videos of SOLD kittens - both Scottish Fold and British Shorthair kittens.
The ears don't fold on a Scottish Fold until they are 4 weeks old. 
There are 3 ways to produce a registerable Scottish Fold cat litter:
  • SF fold to SF straight
  • SF fold to BSH
  • SF to ASH

I don't personally know of any breeder that uses American Shorthair in their breeding program. I use a British Shorthair male to breed to all my Scottish Fold  females. So you can see why the conformation is so similar. The BSH has a bit thicker coat. Our average weight of adults is 6-9 lbs. Of course BSH litters are BSH to BSH.

I have 3 waiting lists - SF fold, SF straight ear and BSH. The demand is high for all these kittens but the fold has the longest waiting list. In an average litter of 4, there may be only 1 or 2 that actually fold. This is why I encourage people to get on more than one list. It increases your chances of getting a kitten. And the personalities of all these kittens are the same - sweet, people oriented, curious and playful. These are not what I would call "lap" kittens (sit on your lap for hours) but they do like petting, to be near you (sleep on your bed), to follow you and most important to interact with and play with you.

The average wait for a kitten from my cattery is 3 months to a year. The reason for this is that this is a small cattery and I have built a clientele based on reputation. I answer emails promptly. I send photos/videos of the kittens weekly to the new owners. I educate the owners on care and nutrition. It's a working relationship. Please take a few moments to review my most prized webpage - Testimonials. My beautiful kittens are heavily socialized and our customer's happiness reflects this. If you want to know the terms of my spay/neuter contract - go to the Policy/Contract tab and click on the Contract. Prices subject to change.

 In my opinion, if you are looking for a instant gratification kitten, this is not the cattery for you. It takes patience! Also, if color or sex is more important than health or personality - this is also not what this cattery can promise, although I do try to accommodate. If you want a pet that you can love and that will love you back - that's the whole reason for owning a pet! And that's what I concentrate on here - teaching our kittens from a very young age to be handled and loved. I also breed for health and beauty.

Celtic Folds Cattery is not the cattery for everyone. But if you choose us, we feel you will be very happy with that choice! When you email, please include the following information: Your full name, city/state, cellphone number, number of animals you have and if you or your spouse/partner is gainfully employed (I care about where my kittens go and that they will be properly cared for). I also need to know whether you want a SF fold, a SF straight, a BSH or want to be on all 3 lists; are you interested in a shorthair, a longhair or would take either. Even though we have the vet check gender, I do not guarantee the sex - all are fixed way before they show sexual traits and I see NO difference in personality due to gender. Your place on the list is based on the date you first contact me by email. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you! Monette Freeman  

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If you wish to see previous Scottish Fold and British Shorthair litters, please view my Sold Kittens page.



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